Consultation to the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Industry

Jacquelyn Wilson, MD is a consultant to the homeopathic pharmaceutical industry.

As your consultant,  Dr. Wilson will:

  • Guide you through the feasibility and process of creating an official homeopathic drug product to be marketed in the United States of America.
  • Work with you to select Over The Counter  and prescription, legend drug Rx  label indications for your homeopathic products.
  • Identify trusted  consultants and manufacturers for your homeopathic drug products.
  • Formulate new homeopathic combination drug products using official HPUS homeopathic drugs and specific disease and symptom indications referenced from the vast homeopathic medical literature as proof of claims.
  • Answer healthcare provider and consumer questions about  your homeopathic drug products.
  • Train your employees on specifics of homeopathic drug products using  the guiding principles of homeopathy.
  • Advise you on  conducting affordable homeopathic drug research including homeopathic drug provings, pilot studies and clinical trials research on new homeopathic drugs.
  • Help you understand the  US Federal laws, regulations and the role of the FDA and FTC in regulating homeopathic drug products.

Dr Wilson can also:

  • Help you in the process of creating a new, official homeopathic drug  and guide a new homeopathic drug monograph through  the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States where she is a member.
  • Investigate homeopathic drug product complaints by phone and issue a written report to your quality assurance department.
  • Answer medical questions  about your drug products.
  • Proof read and edit your homeopathic medical literature and your allopathic medical literature for scientific  medical correctness and American English.
  • Teach your customers or healthcare providers about your homeopathic products through creative training seminars and workshops.

With her clinical and pharmaceutical expertise, she can efficiently convert herbal formulas to homeopathic formulas with claims and fast track your homeopathic products to market.  She can help you design affordable pilot research studies and then help you implement the research or assist you in finding experienced researchers of homeopathic medicines at medical schools to further research your products.

Dr. Wilson has more than 35 years of clinical experience helping people restore their health using  treatments like homeopathic medicines that have minimal negative impact on patients and the Earth’s environment. She is on the cutting edge of bringing diversity and choice to US health care by educating health care providers and consumers in homeopathy and other non-toxic treatments. She knows that  empowering patients and bringing Nature’s sustainability back into healthcare is what is needed to balance our healthcare system.

By integrating homeopathy and other natural therapies with the best of conventional medicine in the home, the workplace, hospital, clinic, & the pharmacy, everyone and everything will be healthier. Dr Wilson  has worked diligently for many years as a volunteer for the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States to assure the safety and efficacy of homeopathic drugs. Now she will help you bring new homeopathic drug products to market.

Dr. Wilson believes in sustainable health care which supports the environment without harming, contaminating or depleting the earth or its inhabitants.

She sees the major components of affordable, sustainable care to be mind body therapies including Qigong, nutrition, exercise, herbs, homeopathic medicines, acupuncture, osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation, massage, music, and wave therapies like far infrared. This integration of all healing therapies will happen as communication improves enabling talents to merge, ideas to be shared and diversity to be embraced. Dr Wilson believes that the cell phone’s future will include a major role in self healing.

Being a consultant in environmentally friendly, holistic health care, she has expertise in many aspects of homeopathy, including research and development, credentialing, marketing, education, product formulation, manufacturing,  regulatory issues, and litigation support.

If you need medical claims for your over the counter (OTC) homeopathic drugs or Rx (legend) homeopathic drugs, Dr Wilson can help by researching the scientific medical literature or by recommending proving research for new homeopathic drugs.

Dr. Wilson travels worldwide where she networks and collaborates with other holistic practitioners, homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturers, and dietary supplement manufacturers.

She realizes that outside of the USA, homeopathic medicine is the second most widely used regulatory type of medical therapy after Traditional Chinese Medicine. Homeopathy in the United States is an emerging, sustainable, regulatory, therapeutic medical and pharmaceutical science that needs further research and development.

As a physician, she believes that the power and potential to cure patients with chronic diseases rests with regulatory therapy combined with patient empowerment. Regulatory therapeutics often use very low doses of drugs. Thousands of clinicians worldwide have used and observed the effects of treating patients with both acute and chronic diseases with homeopathic medicines using low dose therapies even without molecules of the drug being present which seems incredible. Significant sharing of homeopathic knowledge has happened among clinicians enabling them to  begin to understand the specific, individual path of cure of chronic disease by knowing embryology and the patient’s chronic disease state and regression path.  When a person is healed, cured of a chronic disease, repeated daily doses of medicine are no longer needed to treat that chronic disease because it has resolved.

As the sales of OTC homeopathic drugs increase yearly, more consumers are empowering  themselves by choosing to use the very safe, OTC homeopathic drugs. It will  take time to determine the most efficient  ways of using these gentle, economical and extremely safe homeopathic medicines that have such  far reaching therapeutic potentials. When medical research embraces regulatory medicine, individualizes treatments, and uses system research then  homeopathy will become popular and understood as one of the best therapies to restore health in patients with one or multiple chronic diseases and as a first line treatment for patients with acute  diseases.

Dr. Wilson is committed to helping homeopathy and other holistic and environmentally friendly therapies become integrated into the US health care system. Dr. Wilson believes that the combination of the best of  holistic therapies and the best of conventional medicine will solve many  therapeutic and financial problems in our health care system.

Dr.Wilson is a consultant physician with great experience and expertise in the manufacturing, regulation, research, education and use of homeopathic medicines in the United States of America.

She serves a wide range of clients from the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries to health insurance companies, lawyers, and trade and medical schools.

If you need  highly specialized services in homeopathy to assist your company in identifying strategic opportunities and products with continuing guidance through clinical research, product launch and marketing, please call  her at 760 747 2144 Pacific time in California to discuss your project.