Contact Dr. Jackie Wilson for a consultation

Jacquelyn  June Wilson, MD, DHt, DABIHM Consultations

Location:    California, USA
Cell Phone:    760- 747- 2144   Pacific Time


1. To the pharmaceutical industry for questions about your homeopathic drug products are based on an hourly rate which she will discuss with you after contact by phone. Please call her weekday afternoons 760-747-2144. Thank you.

   2. To patients . Dr Wilson only does homeopathic medical consultations for patients who are having side effects from their conventional cancer treatments and want homeopathic medicines to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapy and targeted cancer therapies. This means she  will see you in Escondido, California where she will talk with you and your medical oncologist about your health, do an exam and make recommendations concerning homeopathy and integrative medicine.

She is not treating your cancer with homeopathy but only the side effects from the cancer drugs or cancer surgery or radiation for cancer. She no longer has a primary care practice. To discuss your specific cancer treatment medical situation in consultation, please call her cell phone from 9 am- noon on weekdays at 760- 747 2144 Pacific Time in USA. Thank you.