Why don’t more medical doctors know about homeopathic medicines ?

American medical schools do not teach 500 hour courses on how to use the 1,200+ official homeopathic medicines available in the USA because of the severe lack of large trials of clinical research studies on patients given homeopathic medical treatment.

Some exceptions  are found in  the 4 year curriculum of naturopathic schools where they do teach homeopathy. Other factors on why more sustainable medicine like homeopathy are not taught to doctors is the medical schools’ lack of realizing that chemical drugs are polluting the environment as well as the patient. Medical schools do not think that chronic disease is curable but only treatable with daily milligram doses of strong drugs that are researched in the medical schools and by our government institutions like the NIH.  

The inter relationship of chronic and acute disease is not appreciated by medical schools and their researchers who are the professors of medical students. There is scientific isolation today and prejudice against many forms of healing that is not big pharma based. It is so rare for a chemist or physicist or electronic engineer to collaborate and share their healing ideas with medical researchers, This silo mentality is changing so that  future  medical research will be more holistic and collaborative.  Patients  have often realized before their doctors did that these modern expensive chemical  drugs are not the only answers to restoring health in people with chronic disease.

Medical schools emphasize high tech and chemical drugs and have lost touch with the natural methods of healing which homeopathic, chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopathic, acupuncture, massage, nursing and psychology schools have retained. But the good news is one-third of all medical schools now have introductory courses in natural and alternative medicine but there is no time to teach medical students how to use these therapies.

Consumers today have to be savvy and know when to consult an alternative practitioner even if their medical insurance does not cover it or their doctor does not know about it. Physicians with an interest in homeopathy may after they finish medical school  take additional courses lasting 500-4000 hours on how to use homeopathic medicines for patients with chronic diseases.

Learning how to treat patients with self-limiting  minor problems using single individualized homeopathic medicines requires up to 100 hours of homeopathic education which can be gotten in home-study courses or weekend seminars. First-aid homeopathy could be learned by doctors in several hours but is best learned by empowered patients. 

Homeopathic medicines are the second most prescribed medicines in the world because of their low tech nature, extreme safety and low cost and their unchanging nature over 150 years. Since most  homeopathic medicines are generic, that is not protected by a patent, the economic incentives to research and develop these drugs are different than those for synthetic chemical drugs that can be patented. In his India clinic in Calcutta, Dr. P Banerji treats patients with primary brain tumors like gliomas with the common homeopathic medicine, Ruta graviolens 6X , two doses a day orally along with 300 mg of  the mineral Calcium phosphate twice a day orally. He has seen the gliomas disappear and the symptoms they were causing with this protocol after 4 months to several years time documented with serial cat scans. 

Once doctors and the public realize the potential for one  homeopathic medicine to safely treat multiple diagnoses in the same person, then  sophisticated new homeopathic drug research will happen as research funding changes to meet patients’ demands for non- toxic individualized therapies, not just based on a disease diagnosis. With most cancers on the rise and the new disturbing research showing that frequent taking of antibiotics or estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer, and that some cancer chemotherapy and radiation may cause new cancers later in those previously treated for cancer,  safer treatments will be demanded.  If we want to decrease cancer we must abandon the constant taking of high doses of chemical drugs for chronic disease and look to safer approaches that do not pollute the environment like homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, functional medicine and nutrition, cautious wave therapies, massage and spinal manipulation, exercise and mind body medicine. A great help now would be to individualize chemical drug doses by genetic testing to determine the amount needed to treat a patient that would not have any side effects but still be effective. 

The blending of alternative natural therapies and regular medicine (integrative medicine) is now happening  because new solutions are needed to treat chronic disease besides high tech healthcare using expensive patented drugs that often pollute the environment and cause serious life threatening side effects. As more outcomes research is done in natural therapies and as nutrition research is paid attention to and incorporated into medical school teaching,  new treatments for your chronic diseases will be recommended and some offered and paid by progressive health insurance companies instead of just by you. Already your doctor may be reading about this natural research in several new medical magazines founded in the 1990’s.

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  • Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal published 6 times a year . Alternative Therapies  P.O.Box 627   Holmes, PA 19043-9650 USA

PS.The American Medical Association  recommends that doctors learn more about alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, because patients are using them.