What are the most used homeopathic medicines ?

Arnica montana 6x or 30x or 30 C attenuation (strength) of the beautiful mountain arnica plant from the daisy family is the most commonly used homeopathic medicine worldwide. Arnica montana is indicated for relief of pain that is sore usually in muscles or in bruised or injured parts, even from plastic surgery where the  200 C  Arnica montana has been researched on humans.

Arnica montana may be helpful for almost any condition caused by an injury or accident, no matter how long ago it happened. Arnica montana is also available in ointments or gels to be rubbed into sore areas, but not cuts or scrapes. where it can cause increased redness and inflammation.

Keep some homeopathic Arnica montana pills in your home remedy and first aid kit. It is wonderful to use after accidents for pain relief and is probably a natural NSAID’s( non steroidal anti inflammatory drug like aspirin) that when used as an over the counter homeopathic medicine is very safe for children and adults alike.

Ignatia amara in 6x or 30x strength for oral use is from the seed pod of a plant and is the most commonly used first aid homeopathic medicine for stress, grief and emotional upset that stops you from functioning well. It helps when nausea and vomiting is relieved by eating. You will often see it in combination homeopathic medicines for stress or insomnia.

Zincum gluconicum is used in adults to decrease by half the symptoms and duration of the common cold. Start sucking it as soon as your cold starts. Good research studies have showed it worked well in adults but not in children or adolescents in attenuations under 6X. Some people do not like the way it tastes. Do not use it in your nose.

Calendula officinalis is the Garden Marigold, a common flower. Dilutions of a tincture (alcohol extract) of the fresh flowering tops have been used in homeopathy since 1838 to speed up healing of skin cuts, burns, scrapes and irritations like diaper rash. The non-alcoholic glycerin spray of Calendula works wonders when put on bedsores as does regular honey. You find the Calendula officinalis properly diluted in creams, lotions, gels, and sprays. Keep some on hand for first-aid for your skin.

There are many combination formulas for trauma, flu’s, and nervous stress. These are tablets or liquid combinations of commonly used homeopathic medicines as home remedies for these common problems. People often find that combinations work more effectively than single homeopathic medicines. Much more research on efficacy needs to be done with homeopathic medicines, but for the moment, the 150 + years of sustainable worldwide use by millions of humans, plants, and animals and without serious side effects or toxicity, makes them attractive now for first-aid self-care.