Help for Sarah the crying baby.

My doctor’s work phone rang at 9pm Friday on a fall eve. It was Sarah’s mom calling me for help with her 1 year old toddler. I had seen Sarah once before in the office for a diaper rash which had resolved with oral homeopathic medical care.

Sarah’s mom said that Sarah had a stuffy cold that began today with a mild fever and that she was teething for the past 3 days.  But now she was crying non stop for the last hour, so her mom knew something was not right.

When I asked how she was during the day, she said Sarah  had been a little fussy with her stuffy  nose today but ate and drank only a little less than usual. She had 2 diapers of loose, green stools and one of just  normal urine.

Her mom said the only way she could stop Sarah from crying was to carry her around the house on her shoulder. When asked what the face of her child looked like, she said that Sarah’s face was red on only one cheek. I also asked what emotion Sarah displayed and she said anger. a little hot head.

Being her medical doctor , here are my thoughts about Sarah’s condition: She probably had a cold virus  causing an upper respiratory infection plus she was teething giving her pain which made her cry and be angry. Her circulation is irregular from mild brain dysfunction probably from teeth pain and that is why one cheek is red and she is angry. From the cold, she could be at risk for pain and inflammation of her middle ear. Antibiotics are not indicated for an uncomplicated cold virus infection. If she got worse in any way she would need to be examined to rule out more serious problems.

What are the choices to help Sarah with her viral cold, fever, teething pain and anger if you do not want to give the strong chemical drug acetaminophen or an NSAID chemical or topical benzocaine gel for her sore gums?  

As a family medical doctor  also trained in the use of homeopathic medicines, I advised her mother to put into Sarah’s mouth one small white lactose tablet of  the over the counter homeopathic medicine, Chamomilla in the 30 X potency. Her mom had a homeopathic home remedy kit and a bottle of the official homeopathic medicine, Chamomilla, was in it. Sarah immediately chewed up  the tablet since it tasted sweet. Within 3 minutes Sarah became calmer and soon stopped crying and was no longer angry. I advised her mom to repeat the Chamomilla tablet as necessary, even every 2 to 3 hours. And if it stopped working  or Sarah got worse to call me right back.  The rest of my Saturday night was calm; Sarah was sleeping and so was her mom.

Remember to use homeopathic Chamomilla 30 x or c tablets for people in pain who are angry, better being carried, often teething, have a stuffy nose, snore when asleep, after eating and drinking get heat and perspiration of the face, anger provokes the cough, and often red in the face, one cheek only. Chamomilla can do wonders for wheezing, cough and chest congestion too when the personality fits.

Jacquelyn Wilson, MD, DHt, DABIHM

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