Homeopathic medicines can relieve side effects of cancer treatments.

A French oncologist  and homeopathic medical doctor at the University of Strasbourg in France, has been very successful in treating patients with homeopathic medicines for the various side effects of chemotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy, radiation, and targeted cancer therapies. Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot sees 4,000 cancer patients a year and has recently written the book ” Cancer & Homeopathy” which details the use of individualized homeopathic medicines to alleviate the side effects of conventional cancer treatments. This book has much to offer the patient who is suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment. Homeopathic medicines are not a substitute for chemotherapy or other conventional cancer treatments but homeopathic medicines can relieve suffering and make your needed cancer therapy tolerable. This is integrative medicine.

Often the homeopathic medicines which are taken daily for a few days will reduce the nausea, tiredness and sick feeling that may come from cancer treatments. Research has shown that Calendula Ointment applied right after radiation treatment is able to stop the skin from getting so red and sore. Also Traumeel Liquid drops diluted in water and held in the mouth like a mouthwash will stop the painful blisters that may form in the mouth from chemotherapy.

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