Dr. Wilson’s Consulting Projects in Homeopathic Drug Product Development

Dr. Wilson is involved in many aspects of bringing homeopathic medicine and other holistic therapies  to the public. She can help you decide on integration strategies in clinical research, integrative medical education or homeopathic product development.  She has years of experience with the following:

  • Formulating custom homeopathic drugs using official homeopathic medicines both prescription and over the counter medicines.
  •  Exploring strategies for affordable clinical research especially  pilot studies without using animals.
  •  Integrating homeopathy into cancer  research and into cancer clinics.
  •  Providing homeopathic information to insurance companies and state departments of education to help with credentialing standards.
  •  Web page  consultation for homeopathic medical content.
  •  Creating fun education programs for your medical products including single homeopathic remedy prescribing  or combination homeopathy.
  • Educating medical students, pharmacy students and healthcare providers including hospital medical staff in integrative medicine including the uses of homeopathic medicines.
  • Writing articles on homeopathy, prevention and integrative medicine especially for cancer survivors.
  • Developing curriculum for  homeopathic medical education courses.
  • Helping a medical school, clinic or hospital start an Integrative Medicine Program.
  • Evaluating  and exploring homeopathic drug research projects for drug companies before funds are committed.

Homeopathic Drug Production Experience

  • Helped many new start- up  companies decide on homeopathic formulas and delivery methods.
  • Changed herbal formulas to new, official homeopathic drug formulas with appropriate clinical indications.
  • Located and worked closely with a pharmacist knowledgeable in homeopathic drug compounding.
  • Created new combination homeopathic drug formulas for specific clinical indications.
  • Located rare, raw material plant supplier and homeopathic manufacturers.
  • Located cream manufacturing specialist with FDA experience.
  • Re- Formulated homeopathic combinations for Canadian homeopathic drug compliance.
  • Researched OTC and Rx  homeopathic drug indications for label claims and proof of claims to be in regulatory compliance.
  • Edited and proof read new homeopathic drug monographs before their submission to the homeopathic pharmacopoeia convention of the US.(HPCUS.)

Legal Support

  • Expert witness- Answered questions from attorneys about homeopathic drug production and indications for use in preparation for trial, then testified in court.
  • Provided support letters for researchers about their homeopathic research.
  • For drug companies, wrote support letters stating homeopathic therapeutic use of specific drugs.

Homeopathic Drug Education and Support

  • Answered therapeutic questions for homeopathic drug companies.
  • Developed training seminars for healthcare professionals in homeotherapeutics and integrative medicine.
  • Presented seminars on homeopathy and complementary medicine to hospital staffs, medical students, medical societies and drug information associations.
  • Discussed Integrative medicine and homeopathy on radio talk shows, television shows, and with magazine and newspaper editors. Participated in  Pillars of Health, a cable TV series.