Dr. Wilson’s Resume Highlights

Jacquelyn June Wilson, MD

Research & Development Consultant in Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine

Highlights of Dr. Wilson’s Resume

  • University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts in French Literature
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College formerly known as Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Doctor of Medicine
  • Board certified by the American Board of Homeotherapeutics
  • Board certified since 2012 by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
  • Licensed in California as a Physician and Surgeon
  • Volunteer Faculty, University of California San Diego School of Medicine  department of Family Medicine from 1972-2011.
  • Has successfully integrated homeopathic medicines,  food supplements  including   herbs into a family medical practice.
  • Taught health care professionals homeopathy and how to integrate other holistic therapies into practice.
  • Taught homeopathic and sustainable self-care to consumers.

Homeopathic Training and Experience

  • Courses in Homeopathy with George Vithoulkas in Greece and US
  • Studied and apprenticed with Maesimund Panos MD in the United States
  • Studied with John Renner MD in the United States
  • Studied with Alain Horvilleur MD in France
  • Studied with Bill Gray MD in the United States
  • Studied with these MD’s: Jennifer Jacobs, Dean Crothers,  Robert Schore in the United States
  • Studied with Francisco Eizayaga MD in the United States
  • Homeopathic Courses at the National Center for Homeopathy
  • Past-President and Trustee of the American Institute of Homeopathy
  • In San Diego County area more than 25 years in private family practice integrating homeopathy including classical, combination and electro-acupuncture according to Voll.
  • Appreciates that homeopathy is an emerging therapeutic science with huge potential which needs continuing research.

Homeopathic Pharmaceutical  Experience

  •  Member of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States since 1979
  • Consultant to the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Industry since 1989.
  • For different pharmaceutical companies she has revised and created homeopathic protocols and evaluated research design, formulated combination homeopathic medicines for various diagnoses, answered therapeutic questions from healthcare providers, investigated drug product complaints, edited homeopathic literature, participated in quality control manufacturing procedures, developed training programs for telemarketers and sales people.
  • Represented pharmaceutical interests at the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States.
  • Assisted with writing and editing new drug monograph submissions to HPCUS.
  • Very familiar with what is official and not official for homeopathic drugs and the pitfalls of marketing homeopathic drug products in the US.
  • Expert witness in homeopathy in the California courts